Psychic Photography Expo // April First Friday by Jack Metcalf

In the spirit of April's Foll Day, we at Real Good have a special treat for this upcoming First Friday. Is it a trick? A joke? A sleight of hand ... we ain't telling. What I am telling:

“Psychic Photography Expo”

Clayton McDougall

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

April 1st // 8-10 PM 


In 1967, Ted Serios, an alcoholic, Chicago bellhop, claimed he could imprint images upon film with his mind. With the assistance of psychiatrist Jule Eisenbud and a few Polaroid cameras, Ted’s unusual talent was tested and recorded in The World of Ted Serios: “Thoughtographic” Studies of an Extraordinary Mind.

So if Ted could do it, why can’t I? In preparation for the exhibition, I conducted my own “Thoughtographic” experiments, using the same methods as Dr. Eisenbud which will be on display. During the duration of the event, I will also conduct live “Thoughtographic” experiments throughout the night. By doing this, I want the audience to not only question the veracity of my supernatural claims, but begin to reconsider the value of mysticism and their own, untapped psychic potential.


Clayton McDougall is a recent graduate of Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, where he double majored in Film & Media Production and American History. McDougall is a filmmaker, photographer, and performer whose work has been featured in various zines and venues throughout the Tempe/Phoenix area.


Photo credit = Walter Hinick, Montana Standard

Photo credit = Walter Hinick, Montana Standard

I know what Butte wants, I know what Butte needs ... bingo ... bingo.

Oh man, I have never seen so many drunks scratch their heads on a cold, wet Montana morning. Mission accomplished.

As pictured above, we took Bingo on the road. Literally mobile Bingo, a world's first as far as we are concerned. We had Percival Limberger at the wheel of the toe truck pulling Jack and the bingo backing band calling numbers to a group scantily dressed geriatrics trying their luck to win their own mermaid with child (I apologize for the run-on sentence). The goal was to contrast the typical politically charge themes of the Butte Saint Patrick's Day and challenge the public in what can actually participate in the predictable parade vernacular.

Oh, and this two person rainbow getup is costume of the year so far.

Photo credit = Walter Hinick, Montana Standard

Photo credit = Walter Hinick, Montana Standard

"Dorothy" by Marshal Granger // February First Friday by Jack Metcalf



Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

February 5th // 8-10 PM


You are invited to an evening of performance with Dorothy, a music and video based experience by Marshall Granger, intended to bring us all closer to ourselves and our connection with technology.

What is your relationship with your online identity? What voice do you hear when you update your Facebook or type out a particularly clever Instagram caption? Is that voice coming from the same face to which others will swipe yes or no, or is it the face the internet recognizes, flags to ask others: "Do you know who this is?"

Are these social practices? What does it mean to be social? What does it mean if our online identities become better representations of us than our physical selves? Is it wrong to find our identities through the digital landscape? So many of us have now spent most of our lives developing in that space.

This show is meant to provide a comfortable bridge between our "real world" and our internet social identities. Dorothy poses the offer that these identities can always be refreshed and recoded.

'to a certain extent' with Jack Metcalf and Steve Krutek @ the brink // January 8th! by Jack Metcalf

To a Certain Extent

Jack Metcalf + Steve Krutek

January 8-29 with an opening reception on the 8th from 5-8

the brink gallery

111 W Front St

Missoula MT 59802

Good lawd, Real Good's Jack Metcalf is venturing out to our friends at the brink gallery this month in partnership with his officemate/fellow adjunct professor Steve Krutek. Should be worth a look see. Be there or be square, and no it's not hip to be square.


We all are voyeurs. It's part of our fabric, and it is the central point of inquisition for artists Jack Metcalf and Steve Krutek in their most recent exhibition, To a Certain Extent. The two of them, us, we all want to understand what we all hide; we want to know what goes on behind the facades of those houses—the homes we walk/drive by in the evening. We all imagine how others operate, how others live, these narratives are directed by our own constructed archetypes. Not in a sexual way, but a human way. We do not want to hurt anyone. On the surface it is a form entertainment, but at the same time we want to know: What do humans do? Do they do the same things as I do? It’s fundamental knowledge coupled with comfort we are after. In a separate, yet collaborative art exhibition, To a Certain Extent speculates on these two, observation and identity, ones role in an understanding of the other, as in the one we find ourselves in the other, as often as always as we all have.

'Polybius' by Halisia Hubbard // December First Friday by Jack Metcalf

We at Real Good were (oh so) excited/proud to present Real Good's own Halisia Hubbard this past First Friday. The exhibit/event was not to be missed. It challenged, it will entertained, and most importantly, encouraged interaction with the work. Here is the skinny:


Halisia Hubbard

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

December 4th // 8-10 PM


According to urban legend, an arcade cabinet called "Polybius" appeared in several suburbs of Portland OR in 1981.  Though the cabinets disappeared without a trace, it was said to have been wildly addictive and induced amnesia, insomnia, and night terrors in the players; many stopped gaming completely after their engagement in Polybius.  The cabinet vanished after one month and has since lived on only in lore. Polybius is thought to take its name from the Greek historian of the same name who was known for his assertion that historians should never report what they cannot verify through interviews with witnesses.

The exhibit Polybius is a deconstruction of the American video arcade.  The success of these venues, or more importantly, the games within them relies on a firm set of goals and guidelines to achieve said goals.  When one or both of these certainties are stripped, the game is essentially chaos.

Polybius takes advantage of this by removing the comfort of consistency.  In any given game, the rules may be ambiguous, the mechanics unsound, or the objective vague.  It is uncertain whether one is playing with or against the arcade cabinet.  The player is neither a winner nor loser – they are a participant.  Welcome to Polybius, the arcade in which assurances are dismantled and the answer to most questions . . . is a question.

Take care, and remember there ain't no party like a Real Good party, because a Real Good party don't stop,

Jack Metcalf

'E-I-E-I-O' by Dash W.K. Metcalf // november first friday by Jack Metcalf

"Views from my bedroom window" 2015

"Views from my bedroom window" 2015

Hello Missoula and Surrounding Area Residents -

We at Real Good are excited to host our youngest artist to date, Dash Metcalf (age 2) this upcoming First Friday. The exhibit also features a screening of a never seen before film titled 'E-I-E-I-O," and free snacks/juice/jazz. Here is the skinny:



Dash Metcalf

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

Novemeber 6th // 6-9 PM



Although my work is often categorized as abstract expressionism, I see it as inhabiting a space between nonobjective painting and architectural sketches. The combination of these two worlds, serve as a matrix for what are essentially autobiographical works. I am interested in the symbolic potential of the objective world and the possibilities abstraction presents in suggesting the unknown. My influences range from third-generation avant-garde jazz to the initial formal drawings by Frank Gehry.


In some way, the intellect can analyze the work, but ultimately, when the drawings are working, it is hard to explain the how and the why. It is easy to make a formal analysis of the work and to position it in the great and diverse continuum of contemporary drawing. Yet, it is my belief that the drawing must do its work from a more subversive place, a place familiar yet enigmatic, known but unknown. It is this place that the drawings attempt to inhabit.




-       Dash Metcalf 2015

Good ideas are stolen not created // October Frist Friday by Jack Metcalf



Icon-O-Clash + Karaoke + Auxiliary

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

October 2nd // 8-10 PM


MaryAnn Bonjorni and the infamous Icon-O-Clash Painters Guild are returning. Bring a thrift store painting, a bad painting, and/or unfinished painting to receive an upgrade.

Also, Boca Raton's Percival Limberger will be hosting Karaoke, and there will be a new collaborative installation in the Auxiliary Gallery.

And we will see you there!