May First First Friday // Berit Mondale / by Jack Metcalf

Dear Readers of Blog Postings from Real Good Art Space -

We at Real Good are oh so pumped to host another First Friday event May 6th. 

So three plus years ago, I (Jack Metcalf) gave a student a 'D' in an Intro Drawing class at the university (which is hard to do). As fate would have it, I noticed they were enrolled in my intro to drawing class this spring, retaking the course because a 'D' is not a passing grade for courses within their major. I had this student in a 200-level courses since our initial interaction, and they had grown leaps and bounds.

Being the generous soul that I am, I decided to put some fire under their butt and offer the opportunity to take the course as an independent study with the end goal being a solo exhibit at Real Good. Here is the skinny: 


“Process Enacted / Peeping Tom”

Berit Mondale

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

May 6th // 8-10 PM



Process Enacted is a multi-media reflection of a haunting personal experience in the presentation of an art exhibit.

Being watched in the refuge of your own home without permission is a form theft. It removes a sense of security that is vital to our basic needs. Once the confidence of privacy has been violated, it is difficult to restore. The paranoia of the mere possibility of being viewed lingers and captivates our thoughts.

Process Enacted invites you to simultaneously become the peeping tom and the unknowing subject of interest. The veiled spectator and the involuntary participant.


LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS, MEAN IT. Oh and our friends at Lower Crossing Farms will have their brand spanking new food truck outside!!!

Jack Metcalf