GUISE GUISE GUISE // April Last Thursday :) / by Jack Metcalf

Hello Missoula Art Lovers -

We at Real Good are excited to host a non-First Friday on Thursday April 28th in addition to our regularly scheduled first Friday events that we all know and love.  Here is the skinny:



Nick Kakavas

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

April 28th // 8-10 PM 




Guise is a provocative exploration of Kakavas's perceptions of mass media and its effects on the male psyche. This ceramic centric exhibition critiques masculine sexuality and the technological influences –– pitfalls and tropes of these ideals.

Kakavas repurposes traditional chinaware with visual depictions of modern categories of gay culture –– such as, twinks and bears. Using the imagery of men who are the epitome of these groups, Kakavas navigates where he fits in the infrastructure of these constructed labels.


Free and open to the public. With food (cocktail wieners is my guess) and drinks provided.

Jack Metcalf