Psychic Photography Expo // April First Friday / by Jack Metcalf

In the spirit of April's Foll Day, we at Real Good have a special treat for this upcoming First Friday. Is it a trick? A joke? A sleight of hand ... we ain't telling. What I am telling:

“Psychic Photography Expo”

Clayton McDougall

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

April 1st // 8-10 PM 


In 1967, Ted Serios, an alcoholic, Chicago bellhop, claimed he could imprint images upon film with his mind. With the assistance of psychiatrist Jule Eisenbud and a few Polaroid cameras, Ted’s unusual talent was tested and recorded in The World of Ted Serios: “Thoughtographic” Studies of an Extraordinary Mind.

So if Ted could do it, why can’t I? In preparation for the exhibition, I conducted my own “Thoughtographic” experiments, using the same methods as Dr. Eisenbud which will be on display. During the duration of the event, I will also conduct live “Thoughtographic” experiments throughout the night. By doing this, I want the audience to not only question the veracity of my supernatural claims, but begin to reconsider the value of mysticism and their own, untapped psychic potential.


Clayton McDougall is a recent graduate of Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, where he double majored in Film & Media Production and American History. McDougall is a filmmaker, photographer, and performer whose work has been featured in various zines and venues throughout the Tempe/Phoenix area.