"Dorothy" by Marshal Granger // February First Friday / by Jack Metcalf



Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

February 5th // 8-10 PM


You are invited to an evening of performance with Dorothy, a music and video based experience by Marshall Granger, intended to bring us all closer to ourselves and our connection with technology.

What is your relationship with your online identity? What voice do you hear when you update your Facebook or type out a particularly clever Instagram caption? Is that voice coming from the same face to which others will swipe yes or no, or is it the face the internet recognizes, flags to ask others: "Do you know who this is?"

Are these social practices? What does it mean to be social? What does it mean if our online identities become better representations of us than our physical selves? Is it wrong to find our identities through the digital landscape? So many of us have now spent most of our lives developing in that space.

This show is meant to provide a comfortable bridge between our "real world" and our internet social identities. Dorothy poses the offer that these identities can always be refreshed and recoded.