'Masses' by Michael T Workman // august first friday / by Jack Metcalf

Boy oh boy, we at Real Good are so excited to host our first month long resident artist and longtime collaborator/colleague/pupil Michael Workman (a.k.a Workperson) this upcoming First Friday. The exhibit/performance is not to be missed, honest. Here is the skinny:



by Michael Workman

Real Good

1205 Defoe St #1

August 7th // 7-10 PM with a special performance at 9 PM


Masses examines the ritual of consumption and the way value is placed in the object. By creating a pseudo consumer experience, the grotesque is relentlessly sold and reluctantly devoured. Masses is a multi-media art experience combining sculpture, performance and film. The show centers around pink gelatin forms, which can actually be consumed. The desirability of these otherwise undesirable objects is superficially aroused through advertising, display, a live product demonstration, and pressure from the performers, in an effort to manipulate the viewer into partaking in the ritual of consumption.